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28th May 2019 (booking deadline 17th May)

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Chance Camp Multi/Skill Sport Session for I CAAN, the session is adapted for our group.

The session will be split into 3 x 15 mins sessions with 3 x 5 min free play/rest periods.

Session 1 – Fun agility / balance and coordination games

Session 2 – Skill challenges – Disc Golf (throwing), Football Penalties (kicking), Rugby Ball Pass (passing), Crazy Catch (catching) and Knock Over (hitting with a racket)

Session 3 – Games. Crazy Catch (for those who want a team game) Disc Golf (for those who want and individual /paired game)

Please only select tickets for those taking part.  Although parents/carers are encouraged to join in and enjoy the sessions you do not need to register for a place.  This activity is free.

This is a members only event. Log in to purchase tickets.