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26th October 2023 (booking deadline 27th October)

11:00 am

Screening Trolls Band Together

Join us for an exclusive ICAAN screening at Parkway Cinema.  Aim to arrive at 11am, give your names to Parkway staff they will have the ICAAN guest list.  Film starts at 11.30am.

We have use of the Red Party room before, during and after the screening.  All adults can have tea and coffee and children can have a small drink and popcorn ordered before the film starts.

This will be relaxed screening designed for customers who live with Autism. The aim is to create a more relaxed and supportive environment, where people are more understanding of the needs of others.

The lights will be left on a little brighter than normal, the sound will be a little lower and where possible there will be no adverts or trailers before the film.

Seats will be £2 each.


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