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18th February 2022 (booking deadline 11th February)

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Come along to our ICAAN VR experience, we will be running a small session 1 hour long.  Staff will be there to advise and help you chose different experiences from a relaxing balloon ride to interactive games.  During the session you will be able to try out different experiences.

Many games and experiences are available and also some 360 degree videos.  As a non gaming experience you can pretty much go to any location on earth whether it be The African Savannah or the Great Barrier reef or anywhere in between! There are also videos that can include wildlife if someone has a particular affection for animals.

The staff are very happy to try and get what you would like to try out so if you have any requests please email info@icaan.org.uk in advance and I will pass on the requests.

This will cost £3 per person taking part.  Siblings/parents/carers can take part in this activity.

This is a members only event. Log in to purchase tickets.